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  Brainstorm Electronics was founded in 1987 in Los Angeles, California, by 3 engineers interested in solving problems commonly found in recording studios but not always properly addressed by other manufacturers. Our first product, the TB-4 Communicator, a wireless talkback remote, became a huge success and has been in production for over 20 years.
  After designing several accessories for tape machines and recording consoles, we saw the need for time code solutions and a whole product line followed, including time code generators, reshapers, distributors and analyzers. Today, our Time Code Distripalyzer is a standard in many major post-production facilities.
  A few years ago, our focus moved to digital clocks. With the proliferation of digital equipment and the advent of HD video, a need for versatile and yet simple generator/distributors of word clock and video sync became apparent. And a new family of distripalyzers was born.
  Our products are designed in close collaboration with plus24, our exclusive worldwide distributor and US sales office. From Time Code, to Video Sync, to Digital Clocks, our commitment has remained unchanged: to design innovative, high quality products that promote fast and efficient work flow in the studio.
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  US office: Brainstorm Electronics inc.
    1155 N. La Brea Avenue
    West Hollywood, CA 90038 - USA
    Tel: +1 323/ 845-1171
    Fax: +1 323/ 845-1170
  European office: Brainstorm Electronics Europe sprl
    1453 Chaussée de Waterloo
    1180 Brussels - BELGIUM
    Tel: +32 2/ 653 9077
  Technical support: Email:

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April 9-12, 2018
Las Vegas Convention


Central Hall


• 20th Century Fox Installs Brainstorm DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzers

• POP SOUND synchronizes with Brainstorm: 11 Studios to Install DCD-8 Word Clock and VSG-4 Video Sync Generators

• Brainstorm Introduces the new VSG-4 Video Sync Generator Hi-Res Option for the DCD-8

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