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  • Enables remote control of the SR-112 Time Code Generator
  • Includes all commands, such as START and STOP
  • Includes all settings such as Start Time and Time Code Format
  • Includes current time feedback over the serial port
  • Easy installation (rear panel option insert)
The SP/SR112 is an option for the SR-112 that enables you to remote-control your unit. It includes a serial port adapter and the complete protocol documentation.


Installation is very easy. Simply remove the rear panel insert and replace it with the one provided. The new insert has the serial adapter attached (9 pin RS-232). All that is left to do is plug the cable into the serial port connector on the mother board.


The SP/SR122 option comes with a complete description of the protocol.

    • Command List
Includes commands such as START and STOP, settings such as START TIME and TIME CODE FORMAT and many more.

    • Current Time Feedback Over Serial Port
Includes Transmit Generator Time Code, Transmit Reader Time Code, Transmitted Format.

    • Serial protocol settings
Includes all the serial settings such as baud rate...

See SR-112 specifications here.
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