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  • Identifies time code errors
  • Monitors video phase
  • Displays time code format & frame rate
  • Prints a time code report
  • Eliminates level fluctuations
  • Buffered outputs; balanced or unbalanced
  • Adjustable Output Levels
  • Synchronous with Time Code, Video or AC Mains
Recognized as a valuable problem solver in many post production studios throughout the world, the SR-15+ provides three essential functions in one compact unit.


Eliminates frustrations and downtime by identifying quickly and accurately errors with a powerful time code analyzer:

    • Time code format & Frame Rate:
The front panel displays separately the format (24, 25 or 30), the drop frame status and the frame rate of the incoming time code.
For example: 30 drop at a rate of 29.97. No more guessing!
In addition, the frame rate counter can show potential problems such as jitter or wow and flutter.

    • Time code errors:
Time code errors such as repeated frames, drop outs etc. are detected and reported on the front panel along with the faulty addresses. A buzzer sounds whenever the analyzer detects an error.

    • Video Phase:
In audio post production, it is essential that time code be synchronous with video (i.e. the video frame must be perfectly aligned with the corresponding time code word). The SR-15+ accurately monitors the phase between time code and video and reports even slow drifts.

    • Printed time code report:
A comprehensive report that includes format, video phase and time code errors can be sent to an external printer or computer via the rear panel parallel and serial ports.


While analyzing, the SR-15+ distributes and reshapes time code through a 1x5 distributor:

    • Buffered outputs:
The 5 time code outputs are balanced and buffered, avoiding the problems caused by multing a single source.

    • Output Levels:
Output levels are adjustable individually via front panel pots. Since the signal is reshaped, output levels always remain constant.

    • Reshaping:
The Brainstorm Time Code Distributors are more than audio DA’s: they reshape the signal before distributing it. By reshaping the signal, the SR-15+ eliminates amplitude distortions and input level fluctuations.


    • Source Select:
The Stripper can extract a synchronous Pilot Tone from time code, video or power line AC.

    • Selectable Waveform:
The Pilot Tone can be a sine wave or a square wave.
1x5 (2 inputs w/ front panel selector switch)
Input Signal SMPTE/EBU Longitudinal Time Code
    - Analyzer: forward playspeed only
    - Reshaper/Distributor: forward or reverse: play, shuttle and wind
Impedance: 20KΩ bal.; 10KΩ unbal.
Level: -30dbU min; +20dbU Max
Output Signal: Waveform: switchable rise time
Impedance: 600Ω bal.; 300Ω unbal.
Level: adjustable (front panel pot): full off to +8dbU bal.; to + 2dbU unbal.
Amplitude distortion: less than 2%
Analyzer’s LEDs: Signal present
Good code
Video code
8 Digit Display
- Reader: reads time code and user bits;
- Video Phase: displays the time code bit aligned with video F1L5 and the field (of the color sequence) aligned with ID pulse;
- Errors: displays the description and address of the error detected
4 Digit Display: - Frame Rate Reader: code in (fr/sec)
- Frequency Counter: tone in or tone out
Reading range: ≈ 21 to 39 fr/sec or ≈ 5.00 to 99.99 Hz
Display accuracy: ± 20 ppm plus ± 1/2 lsd
Resolution: .01 Fr/sec or Hz
Update rate: 4x per sec.
Tone Stripper: time
code conversions:
24 fr/sec (film) . 60Hz
25 fr/sec (pal) . 50Hz
29.97fr/sec (ntsc) 59.94Hz
30 fr/sec (smpte) 60Hz
Stripper Output
Low distortion Sine or Square wave.
Connectors: XLR Female (2 inputs); XLR Male (6 outputs)
BNC: color ID in & loop; video ref in & loop
DB-9 Male: Serial port (RS-232); DB-25 Fem: Parallel port (Centronics)
1/4” Jack: Relay out / Event In
IEC 320 power inlet
Power: Switchable: 115VAC / 230 VAC @ 50 / 60Hz with front panel on-off switch
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