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  • Two separate time code distributors in one: 1x4 + 1x2
  • Can also be used as a single 1x6 distributor
  • Buffered outputs
  • Reshaper eliminates amplitude fluctuations
  • Low input threshold can help recover unreadable code
  • Individual output level adjust
  • Ideal to send TC over long cables
The SR-26 is a simple and elegant solution for time code distribution. Housed in a single U 19” chassis, it provides 6 outputs and 2 inputs. It can be used as 2 separate units (a 1x4 and a 1x2) or as a single 1x6 distributor. Each output level is adjustable individually via front panel knobs. In addition, the SR-26 reshapes time code while distributing it, eliminating amplitude distortions and level fluctuations.

    • Buffered Outputs:
Multing a single time code source to multiple destination can cause many problems. The SR-26 eliminates those by distributing time code through balanced and buffered outputs.

    • Reshaping:
The Brainstorm Time Code Distributors are more than audio DA’s: they reshape the signal before distributing it. Audio DA’s on the other hand, transfer all distortions and level fluctuations present at the source.

    • Low Input Threshold:
The SR-26 recognizes time code at levels much lower than the threshold of many readers (better than -30db) while still safely above the noise floor. This feature makes it often possible to recover unreadable code by reshaping it, almost as if it was regenerating over drop outs.

    • Output Level Adjust:
Output levels are adjustable individually via front panel pots from full off to +12db. These adjusted levels remain constant regardless of input level fluctuations.

    • Switchable Rise Times:
The output rise time (slew limiting) is switchable between 25μs (SMPTE), 50μs (EBU) and 1μs (square wave, preferred by most readers).

    • Cleaning Up Unreadable Time Code:
By eliminating amplitude distortions and level fluctuations the SR-26 can often recover unreadable code.

    • Forward, Reverse & High-Speed:
The SR-26 operates in rewind and fast forward modes so that high speed readers can accurately track the tape transports.

    • Sound Reinforcement:
The SR-26 can drive time code over long cables making it ideal for synchronization during live shows and remote recording.
1x4 (master) + 1x2 (slave)
or 1x6
Input Signal SMPTE/EBU Longitudinal Time Code (Forward or reverse; play, shuttle and wind)
Impedance: 20KΩ bal.; 10KΩ unbal.
Level: -30dbU min; +20dbU Max
Output Signal: Waveform: switchable rise time:
25μs (SMPTE), 50μs (EBU), or 1μs (square wave)
Impedance: 600Ω bal.; 300Ω unbal.
Level: adjustable (front panel pot): full off to +8dbU bal.; to + 2dbU unbal.
Amplitude distortion: less than 2%
Front Panel
Signal present (2 LED’s)
Power on
Connectors: XLR Female (2 inputs);
XLR Male (6 outputs)
Power: 9 VAC, 1 amp
Dimensions: 19” x 1 3⁄4” x 4”
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