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  • 2 x 8 time code distributor
  • Buffered outputs
  • Individual output level adjust
  • Low input threshold can help recover unreadable code
  • Reshaper eliminates amplitude fluctuations
  • Ideal to send TC over long cables
  • 2 power inputs for redundancy
For Live, Studio and Video Shoot Dates, Another Time Code Solution from Brainstorm Electronics

Like it's big brother the SR-112 Distripalyzer, the SR-28 can drive time code over long cables, making it ideal for synchronization during live shows and remote recording. The SR-28 time code distributor, with two inputs and eight outputs, reshapes time code while distributing it, eliminating amplitude distortions and level fluctuations. The level of each output is individually adjustable via front panel pots. The input is selected via a front panel switch. Also included are 2 power inputs and an automatic switch over in case of failure.

    • Buffered Outputs:
Multing a single time code source to multiple destination can cause many problems. The SR-28 eliminates those by distributing time code through balanced and buffered outputs.

    • Reshaping:
The Brainstorm Time Code Distributors are more than audio DA’s: they reshape the signal before distributing it. Audio DA’s on the other hand, transfer all distortions and level fluctuations present at the source.

    • Low Input Threshold:
The SR-28 recognizes time code at levels much lower than the threshold of many readers (better than -30db) while still safely above the noise floor. This feature makes it often possible to recover unreadable code by reshaping it, almost as if it was regenerating over drop outs.

    • Output Level Adjust:
Output levels are adjustable individually via front panel pots from full off to +12db. These adjusted levels remain constant regardless of input level fluctuations.

    • Switchable Rise Times:
The output rise time (slew limiting) is switchable between 25μs (SMPTE), 50μs (EBU) and 1μs (square wave, preferred by most readers).

    • Cleaning Up Unreadable Time Code:
By eliminating amplitude distortions and level fluctuations the SR-28 can often recover unreadable code.

    • Dual Redundant Power Supply:
The SR-28 provides 2 power inputs and an automatic switch over in case of failure.

    • Sound Reinforcement:
The SR-28 can drive time code over long cables making it ideal for synchronization during live shows and remote recording.
2x8 with selectable input
Input Signal SMPTE/EBU Longitudinal Time Code (Forward or reverse; play, shuttle and wind)
Impedance: 20KΩ bal.; 10KΩ unbal.
Level: -30dbU min; +20dbU Max
Output Signal: Waveform: selectable rise time: 1μs (square wave), 25μs (SMPTE) or 50μs (EBU)
Impedance: 600Ω bal.; 300Ω unbal.
Level: adjustable (front panel pot): full off to +8dbU bal.; to + 2dbU unbal.
Amplitude distortion: less than 2%
Front Panel
Signal present; Selected input
Power on
Connectors: Time Code Inputs: XLR Female (x 2)
Time Code Outputs 1- 8: DB-25 F (x 1)
Power: 4 pin circular (x 2)
Power: 12VDC @ 1.3A
Redundancy: two separate supplies can be connected to the 2 separate power inputs. If one supply fails, the other takes over and an error is reported. The faulty supply can be swapped without having to power down.
Dimensions: 19” x 8.125” x 1.75” (48.26 cm x 20.64 cm x 4.45cm)
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