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  • Time Code Generator
  • Time Code Reader
  • Video Phase Analyzer
  • Repairs Drop Outs
  • Reduces Jitter
  • Corrects Video Phase
The SR-3R is a regenerator designed to repair bad time code. It’s three main functions are to repair drop outs, reduce jitter, and correct video phase. Housed in a half-rack metal enclosure, it includes a reader and identifies format and video phase. The SR-3R is also a time code generator.


    • Drop Out Repairs:
In the Repair mode, time code is regenerated and fills in drop outs. Flywheeling times available are: 5fr, 15fr or ∞. The SR-3R can lock to either the incoming code or to an external video reference.

    • Jitter Reduction:
The regenerator uses a proprietary form of phase locking to clock the output time code. This is continuously updated to follow the input variations, thus maintaining sync while substantially reducing jitter.

    • Auto Video Phase Correction:
If the incoming code is synchronous but out of phase with the video reference, the SR-3R can automatically align time code to the closest video frame edge.

    • Auto Bypass Switching:
During search or wind, the regenerator is automatically bypassed and the source code is reshaped so that readable code is always present at the output.

    • Time Code Reader:
The display reads time code or user bits. Front panel LED’s indicate format: 24/ 25/ 30ND/ 30DF and color.

    • Video Phase Analyzer:
By holding the “Fix Video ø” button, the display indicates which bit of the time code word lines up with the beginning of the video frame (F1L5).
For proper phase, the display should read ‘bit 00’ or ‘bit 79’ (last bit of the tc word).

    • Time Code Generator:
In the Generate mode, the SR-3R generates all standard formats, referenced to internal crystal or to external video.
Input Signal SMPTE/EBU Longitudinal Time Code
Output Signal: Waveform:
   Regen: 25μs rise time (SMPTE)
   Bypass: square wave
Level: adjustable (rear panel pot): full off to +12dbU bal.; to + 6dbU unbal.
8 Digit Display: Reads time code & user bits;
Indicates Video Phase: displays the time code bit aligned with video F1L5;
Digit heights: .36”
Front panel LEDs: Format: 24 / 25 / 30D / 30ND / Color
TC in: indicates signal present
Vid in: indicates video present
Connectors: 1/4” RTS Jack (1 input & 1 output)
BNC (Video reference input & loop through) with 75Ω termination switch
Power: 6 to 9VDC, 1/2 watt max.
Dimensions: 8 1/2” x 1 5/8” x 5”
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