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  • Communicates with up to 8 machines via 9 pin or MMC including
    • Tape Machines (such as DTRS or video)
    • Hard Disc Recorders
    • DAW’s
  • Functions include :
    • Transport Control
    • Track Arming
    • Loops
    • Offsets
    • Chase
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • Includes GPI’s and ADR beep
  • Can be integrated with external synchronizers
  • Separate I/O box for all connections.
Ideal for ADR and Foley studios!
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The SR-8000 is an intuitive and user friendly multiple-machine remote. Designed primarily for post-production applications, the SR-8000 provides functionality previously found in expensive, complicated controllers. It can be used for most any audio or audio-for-video application, including ADR and Foley studios. Up to eight (8) machines can be connected to the SR-8000 including tape transports (such as DTRS), hard disc recorders or DAW’s. Integration with external synchronizers can provide expanded control.

System Description

The SR-8000 system is comprised of a remote control interface unit connected to an I/O box by a single cable. It features illuminated transport keys, large displays, and a high precision jog/shuttle wheel. The capture keys and function keys greatly accelerate and simplify many standard operations, and up to 100 loops can be stored in memory, with functions like Rehearse, Auto-Record, and Repeat.
All connections to the machines are made at the I/O box, away from the user. The SR-8000 has one 9-pin serial port (P2), and one MIDI IN and one MIDI OUT port using Midi Machine Control (MMC). A computer port for downloading edit timings is also provided.
A typical set up might include one video machine on the 9-pin port, and one or several audio machines on the midi ports. Track arming capability is included. Machines can be operated individually or grouped together. For applications requiring several serial machines or synchronization, the SR-8000 can also communicate with various synchronizers.


• High precision Jog/Shuttle Wheel
• 10 fully programmable Function Keys
• Illuminated transport keys
• Full size numeric keypad
• Large LED time code reader + 80 characters LCD
• Aux Counter (LCD) reads slave tc, offset or difference
• 1 serial 9-pin port (P2), 1 MIDI input & 1 MIDI output
• 8 GPO’s (open collector) + beep generator
• RAM Battery back up
• Computer port for transferring lists
• Chase mode with individual offsets
• Offsets can be entered manually or captured automatically.
• Track arming w/ 24tr status display
• LCD indicates if machines have
        - an offset,
        - tracks armed for record and
        - their lock status
• 100 memory registers
        - each can include both IN and OUT points
• Loop functions:
        - Pre Roll
        - Post Roll
        - Auto Record
        - Rehearse
        - Repeat
        - ADR Beeps
Serial Ports: 9 pin (1)
Midi IN (1) / Midi OUT (1)
GPO’s: 8 GPO’s (General Purpose Outputs) - open collector
ADR Beeps: 1/4” jack
Displays: LED Display: Time Code Reader - .36”
LCD Display: 2 x 40 characters
Indicators: Time Code Format LED’s: 24/ 25/ 30ND / 30 DF
Track arming Status LED’s (24)
Remote Functions: Transport Control
Track arming
Locate, Loop & Auto Punch
Connectors (I/O box): Power: 4p circular DIN
Remote: 15p D Female
GPO’s: 15p D Male
ADR Beep Out: 1/4” jack
Serial Port: 9p D Female
Midi IN: 5p circular DIN
Midi OUT: 5p circular DIN
Computer: 9p D Female
Power: 9 VDC, 1A
Dimensions: Remote: 11 3/8” x 7 3/4” x 3 1/4”
I/O Box: 9 3/4” x 4 1/4” x 1 1/2”
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