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A high-performance infra-red remote that activates your talkback from anywhere in the control room.
  • Easy installation
  • No aiming necessary
  • Four different talkback functions
  • Rechargeable battery included
The REMOTE Remote for your console’s talkback

Brainstorm TB-4 “Communicator” is a high-performance, infra-red, remote control system designed to interface with your console’s talkback. It allows the producer to activate the talkback from anywhere in the control room, without aiming, and without a wire - truly a ‘remote” remote.


The transmitter’s PCM-encoded, infrared signal is the only signal recognized by the system’s receiver

The Communicator features 4 switchable talkback functions:
    • Headphones
    • Headphones & speakers
    • Speakers
    • Aux

The transmitter is powered by a high-performance 9v, ni-cad, rechargeable battery. The battery and the charger are included in the system.

Just like the switch on the console, the push-to-talk button is momentary.

Best of all, Brainstorm’s unique infrared transmission makes aiming unnecessary!
System Response Time: 85ms, typical
Relays (3): SPDT, .25amp @ 28VDC
Relay Life Rating 5 million operations @ rated load
Power (receiver): Approx .1 watt
Battery (transmitter): 9 volt ni-cad, rechargeable
Dimensions (receiver &
3.750” x 2.350” x 0.90”
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