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  TB-4 Communicator  
Userís manual (File size = 100Kb)
Schematics (file size = 32 Kb)

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Modifying the Receiver to activate 2 combination of 2 relays (file size = 26 Kb)
Adjusting the Transmitterís charging circuitry (file size = 15 Kb)
Installing the TB4 with a multi-pole talkback switch (file size = 42 Kb)
Mackie 8 bus (file size = 48 Kb)
• Can the TB4 be connected to any console?
• How long will my battery last?
• In an emergency, can I replace my battery by any 9v battery?
• I have lost the transmitter's charger and the receiver's power supply. Can I buy replacements?
Can the TB4 be connected to any console?
Basically, if you can remote your talkback with a wire, you can install the TB-4. Typically, the TB-4 is connected to single-pole switches. If your console uses multi-pole switches for talkback, you may need to modify your console to connect the TB4 (see application notes).
How long will my battery last?
The battery supplied with the TB-4 is a premium 9v NiHm battery made by Varta. It's lifetime will vary substantially according to your use but, on average, it should last 4-5 years. After that, it will not hold the charge as well anymore, affecting your system performance. Therefore we recommend that you change it periodically.
In an emergency, can I replace my battery with any 9v battery?
Yes, in an emergency, you can insert any new 9v battery in your transmitter. But if you plan on recharging your battery, make sure it is a rechargeable one. We recommend a premium 9v NiHm 150 mA rechargeable. Regular rechargeable batteries don't hold as much charge as the premium ones and, as a result, the system performance goes down.
I have lost the transmitter's charger and the receiver's power supply. Can I buy replacements?
Yes, the TB-4 uses standard wall adapters that can be found at most electronics stores. Their outputs must be 12 to 16 volts DC filtered (unregulated OK), at 150 mA minimum (the drain is 80 mA). The receiver's power supply has its wires stripped and tinned so they can be inserted in the receiver's terminal strip. Normally, the wire with the white line is plus voltage (+). The transmitter's charger has a 2.5mm DC plug with its center sleeve positive (+). IMPORTANT NOTE: The receiver is diode protected against accidental lead reversal. However, the transmitter is not so be very sure the positive voltage goes to the center sleeve on the connector. A lead reversal would cause damages to your transmitter! Please contact us if you would like to order these adapters from us.
  The following pics are available for download. If you need another format or resolution, please contact us.  
  TB-4 - System
JPG - 5.14” x 4.40” at 72 dpi
File size = 75 Kb
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