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  • Generates all standard time code formats
  • Genlocks to video sync (HD and SD)
  • Repairs time code:
    • Copy Mode (Regenerate)
    • Jam Sync Mode
  • Can also delay time code and correct phase errors
The TCG is an option for the SR-112 that enables the user to generate time code. Installation is very simple as it is software only and doesn't require any hardware modification.


The TCG can be used as a stand alone master generator, locked to it's high precision internal crystal or genlocked to an external video sync including HD and SD.


The TCG can also be used to repair time code by regenerating or jamsyncing incoming time code

    • Drop Out Repairs:
In Repair mode, time code is regenerated and fills in drop outs. Flywheeling times available are: 5fr, 15fr or ∞. The TCG can lock to either the incoming code or to an external video reference.

    • Jitter Reduction:
The regenerator uses a proprietary form of phase locking to clock the output time code. This is continuously updated to follow the input variations, thus maintaining sync while substantially reducing jitter.

    • Auto Video Phase Correction:
If the incoming code is synchronous but out of phase with the video reference, the TCG automatically aligns time code to the closest video frame edge.

    • Time Code Delay:
The TCG can delay the source time code up to 60 miliseconds. This feature can be used when audio is ahead of the video.
See SR-112 specifications here.
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