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  • Generates NTSC, PAL and HD tri-level sync
  • Generates up to 4 different formats simultaneously (2 HD + 2 SD)
  • Genlocks to any of the DCD-8 references:
    • HD or SD video
    • Word Clock
    • Audio (AES/EBU, S/PDIF, FireWire, ADAT)
    • GPS
  • Can also operate as a Master Sync Generator
  • Very Low-Jitter Video Sync output
  • Comprehensive choice of rates and formats (31 different options)
  • Easy installation into the DCD-8
The VSG-4 generates analog tri-level and bi-level sync signals for HD and SD video applications. It is designed as an option for the Brainstorm DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer. The combination of the DCD-8 and the VSG-4 delivers a complete solution for all sync requirements in the post-production, recording and broadcast environments.

Up to 4 different sync formats can be generated simultaneously through the 4 BNC outputs, 2 HD and 2 SD. The VSG-4 operates either as a master sync generator or genlocked to any of the references available to the DCD-8: Video (HD or SD), Word Clock, Digital Audio (AES/EBU, S/PDIF, FireWire, ADAT) or GPS.

When genlocking, the output rates can be different from the reference rate, while still maintaining phase coherence. For example, 30 and 24 or 23.976 and 29.97 will be correctly aligned.

By making use of the DCD-8s B Domain PLL, the VSG-4 provides stable HD clock rates over long periods of time.

The VSG-4/DCD-8 combination brings a great amount of flexibility. Audio can be locked to video or vice-versa. Many different rates can be generated simultaneously. Most importantly, a single sync reference can run your whole audio/video installation.


720p/ 23.976
720p/ 24
720p/ 25
720p/ 29.97
720p/ 30
720p/ 50
720p/ 59.94
720p/ 60
1080i/ 25
1080i/ 25 (295M)
1080i/ 29.97
1080i/ 30
1080sF/ 23.976
1080sF/ 24
1080sF/ 25
1080sF/ 29.97
1080sF/ 30
1080p/ 23.976
1080p/ 24
1080p/ 25
1080p/ 29.97
1080p/ 30
1080p/ 50
1080p/ 50 (295M)
1080p/ 59.94
1080p/ 60
p stands for Progressive; i stands for Interlaced; sF stands for Segmented Frame


525i/ 29.97 NTSC
525i/ 30 monochrome
625i/ 23.976 slow PAL
625i/ 24 slow PAL
625i/ 25 PAL

Number of outputs 4 (2 SD + 2 HD)
Standards 1080
SMPTE 274M, RP211, 295M
Rec ITU-R BT.470-6
Output Levels Tri-level
600mV p-p into 75 Ohm (+/-300mVDC sync tip)
429mV p-p into 75 Ohm (-286mVDC sync tip)
450mV p-p into 75 Ohm (-300mVDC sync tip)
Waveforms All rise and fall times per their respective standards
References Internal Xtl, Video (HD & SD), WC, AES, S/PDIF, FireWire, ADAT, GPS
Connectors BNC - 75 Ohm - DC coupled
Form Factor 2 x 5.4 PCB - for Brainstorm DCD-8 only
DCD-8 Domain When generating HD sync, the VSG-4 uses the B Domain on the DCD-8
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