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Brainstorm Electronics Brings PTP v1 and Dante Sync to DXD

DXD firmware update adds synchronization of Dante A/V over IP Products

DXD-8 & DXD-16 Dante PTP v1

Brainstorm DXD-8 and DXD-16 Universal Clocks now with PTP v1 firmware for Dante sync. – click all images for hi res press versions

DXD-8 and DXD-16 Dante Support

Los Angeles Jul 2021 –Brainstorm Electronics announces the release of version 2.14 for the DXD line, adding support for IEEE 1588-2002, aka PTP v1, which is mainly used by Dante products.

Available for models DXD-16 and DXD-8, this new firmware enhances the system for direct, precise synchronization of Dante A/V over IP products. The DXD devices can now be a PTP v1 Grandmaster or a PTP v1 Slave, leading or following Dante, making them extremely flexible and adaptable to most scenarios. As a PTP v1 Grandmaster, the DXD can can also lock to a traditional sync reference such as WC, AES, Black Burst (SD video sync), HD video tri-level sync or 10 MHz, in addition to it’s internal crystal or GPS with the optional GPS receiver.

The DXD-16, with its 4 PTP ports, can act as a bridge between a Dante network and AES67 PTP v2 devices, while remaining totally independent and separate, by setting one port for PTP v1 and another for PTP v2.

In this new era of media over IP, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) has become essential as the new sync standard for AES67, SMPTE 2110, Dante and Ravenna. Flexible, reliable and easy to use, the unique DXD-8 and DXD-16 keep traditional equipment relying on Black Burst or Word Clock perfectly synchronized with an IP network, or vice versa.

DXD Hybrid System Diagram