DXD-8 & DXD-16


Remote Control of DXD-8 & DXD-16 from Web Browser

Included with Firmware V3 and above

Firmware 3.00 (free download) brings Remote Control functionality to the DXD Universal Clocks via embedded web pages. The GUI allows an operator to control and monitor the DXD from a standard web browser.

  • Home page provides an overview of the main DXD settings
  • Header at the top of each page displays critical information such as the lock status
  • Set Up pages give access to all the parameters for editing
  • Multiple pages can be opened simultaneously to view different groups of settings
  • 3 modes are available: Full Access / Status Only / Status + Preset Recall
DXD-16 Remote Home Page Menus
DXD-8 Universal Clock Front Panel

Remote Control Browser Access

To access the remote control simply point your browser to the to the IP address of your DXD and the home page will appear

Home Page

Provides an overview of the main settings, similar to the front panel Main Rotation pages.

Set Up & Status Pages

Set Up & Status pages are arranged in 9 logical groups, similar to the SET UP pages on the front panel, accessed from the main dropdown menu.

  1. Reference / Sync / BNC In
  2. BNC Outputs
  3. Network
  4. PTP
  5. NTP
  6. GPS Receiver
  7. Time
  8. Time Code
  9. Name / GPIO / Preset / Keys

Firmware Update

Updating Firmware can also be managed from the browser.

DXD-16 Remote Home Page Menus
DXD-16 Remote BNC Outputs
DXD-16 Remote PTP

Multiple Windows

Several windows can be opened at the same time in the browser. This example shows a DXD-16’s Home, BNC Outputs, & PTP pages, as well as a DXD-8’s Home Page.

DXD Remote Multiple Windows