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Brainstorm Electronics DXD Sync Solutions Firmware Updates Adds New PTP, GPS and LTC Features

The new DXD-8 and DXD-16 universal clocks provide a precision reference clock offering PTP and legacy formats simultaneously

DXD-8 and DXD-16 Universal Clocks

Brainstorm Electronics New DXD-8 & DXD-16 Universal Clocks – click all images for hi res press versions

DXD-8 Front and Rear

Los Angeles Mar 2021 – Brainstorm Electronics announces the release of version 2 firmware update for the DXD line adding a slew of new features to the universal clock including PTP, GPS and LTC functions.

In this new era of media over IP, PTP (Precision Time Protocol) has become extremely important as it is the sync standard for AES67, SMPTE 2110, Dante and Ravenna. The DXD can now be a PTP Grandmaster locked to its internal crystal or to an external reference including WC, Video Sync or 10 MHz. It can also be a PTP Slave locked to an external Grandmaster.

In addition, version 2 brings support for the Brainstorm GPS receiver (DXD/GPS) that can be installed inside the DXD. GPS not only provides an extremely accurate source for clocking and for Time-Of-Day, but also enables remote DXD units to be locked and in phase with one another when referenced to GPS.

Version 2 also offers an optional LTC package that includes two timecode generators. Each can be set as a Time-Of-Day timecode generator or as a simple Run/Stop/Cue generator locked to the DXD reference, at any standard format or rate. Parameters are included for the Daily Jam per ST-2059.

Flexible, reliable and easy to use, the unique DXD-8 and DXD-16 keep traditional equipment relying on Black Burst or Word Clock perfectly synchronized with an IP network, or vice versa.

Brainstorm Electronics President Bernard Frings explains the challenges that lead to the new firmware upgrade, “The DXD line was designed to meet the sync requirements of multiple environments by combining traditional legacy sync (word clock, AES black, video Black Burst or Try-Level sync) with IEEE1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) and GPS. IP is clearly the future but a smooth transition is needed.”

Brainstorm Electronics is a world leader in pro Audio/Video sync solutions. From time code to low-jitter word clock and video sync, and now PTP and GPS, Brainstorm products have been used and trusted for over 30 years by engineers worldwide in post, broadcast and live environments. Both DXD-8 and DXD-16 units are now shipping.